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Monday, November 26, 2012

Silicone Foam Touch Brochure Now Available

Stockwell Elastomerics announces a new addition to the
Touch Brochure series. The Silicone Foam Touch Brochure is now available to assist engineers and designers with selecting the proper gasket material. This tactile brochure has six silicone foam buttons, ranging from Ultra Soft to Extra Firm.

Silicone foams are used in a wide range of applications; soft, open cell grades are often used for dust gaskets and cushioning pads, closed cell versions are used for environmental gaskets in electronics and electrical enclosures.

Applications include
Displays: touch screen gaskets and LCD display gaskets
Data acquisition (handheld scanners): ruggedizing gaskets and cushions
Lighting: outdoor gasket, light leak gasket, induction, plasma, LED gaskets
Electrical enclosures: NEMA gaskets, UL50 gasket, IP gasket
Asset tracking: GPS gasket, RFID gasket
Test equipment: scale gasket and measuring device gaskets
Electronic housings: extruded enclosure gaskets, thermal insulation, cushions
HVAC: high temperature air diverters, gasket tape
Rail and Aerospace: gaskets and cushions (good flame, smoke and toxicity)

Silicone foam materials offer high performance at a competitive cost. Silicone is inherently UV and ozone resistant, has excellent rebound (compression set resistant), is flame rated and meets several other UL specifications. Stockwell manufactures custom silicone gaskets by die cutting, waterjet cutting, or slitting to customer prints. Adhesive lamination to silicone foam products is also available. Stockwell Elastomerics' silicone foam touch brochure gives designers and engineers a tool to help select the best material for their application.

A Silicone Foam Touch Brochure can be requested at For more information on Stockwell Elastomerics' products and services please call 215-335-3005 or email

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