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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Formex – Thin UL Rated Polypropylene Sheet

Formex GK polypropylene sheet has been engineered to meet electronic equipment requirements. Formex has a high dielectric strength making it a good electrical insulator, does not absorb moisture and is UL listed carrying a UL94 V0 or VTM-0 flame rating.

Over the last few years Stockwell has been laminating Formex to other UL94 rated materials such as HT-800 & BF-1000 silicone foams. Laminations are most often used as either a stiffening layer or as a protective top layer. An example of a stiffening layer would be a thin wall dust gaskets that is flimsy. Adding a thin layer of Fomex between the adhesive layer and rubber creates a stiffening effect which aids in assembly. An example of a protective layer would be a battery pads that will see wearing from installation and removal of the battery. In this case, a layer of Formex polypropylene is bonded to the top of the pad.

Stockwell carries thin grades of Formex, which are available for direct die cut parts, waterjet cutting (may have frayed edges) or as a lamination. Laminations to Poron foam or silicone foam are most common. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backing is also available. For more information regarding Formex polypropylene and other UL rated materials stocked and converted by Stockwell Elastomerics visit or call (215) 335-3005.

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