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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fast Gasket, Quick-Turn Gasket, Next Day Gasket, or Quick Gaskets!

It is not a rare occurrence at Stockwell to receive an urgent call requesting next day gaskets or pads. Many times there is field requirement or engineering build where time is critical. Stockwell inventories a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Stock materials include solid silicone, closed cell silicone sponges, UL rated silicone foams, Neoprene sponges, EMI gasket materials, and Thermal management materials just to name few. These stock materials in combination with 3 in-house water jet cutting, die cutting and molding presses with 12” x 12” sheets molds, allow for quick response to urgent request.

Helpful hints for fast gaskets to fix a problem or meet a deadline:
- Supply an electronic CAD file (2D .dxf or 3D .iges)
- Work with in-stock materials
- If an adhesive backing is required, inform us of the type of metal, plastic or painted surface to be bonded to
- Indicate smallest quantity required
- Provide ship-to information and carrier account number- Supply a credit card or purchase order (existing customers)

Providing an electronic CAD file helps expedite the Water Jet programming. With a wide cross section of materials in stock, Stockwell can usually find a material to meet gasketing requirements. Since it is often a race against the clock / shipping pickup, knowing the minimum quantity helps to manage processing. Often additional parts can ship within a few days.

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