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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Large Gasket Splicing and UV Corner Bonded Gaskets

Stockwell offers UV corner bonding for large gaskets. This process includes die cutting or water jet cutting the gasket “legs” with a dovetail type joint at the ends. The jointed ends are then bonded with a UV sensitive adhesive. The bonding is a manual process; therefore a cost analysis is required to determine whether the material savings exceeds the added labor of the bonding process. The material type, material thickness, overall size and order quantity are determining factors as to whether corner bonding is cost effective.

The most common gaskets using UV corner bonding are large NEMA 4 gaskets used in Telecom applications. These are large silicone gaskets with PSA backing (pressure sensitive adhesive backed gasket) used outdoors. Silicone offers excellent UV and ozone resistance and maintains its mechanical properties in very cold and hot conditions. The corner bond maintains a seal under hose down conditions where un-bonded gaskets generally leak. It is important to understand enclosure design along with proper gasket material selection is paramount to successful NEMA enclosure seal.

For more information about corner bonding or other gasket applications, please contact Stockwell at (215) 335-3005 or visit our website at

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