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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Custom Gaskets for Autonomous Vehicles

Stockwell Elastomerics is helping the industry that is redefining vehicle travel for the 21st century by supporting autonomous vehicle development with precision custom gaskets. Manned and unmanned self-driving vehicles contain an elaborate system of cameras and sensors, combined with sophisticated operational software which relies on OTA updates. These vehicles operate in outdoor conditions exposed to rain, snow and UV light, so it is vital that these sensor systems are protected.
autonomous vehicle

High performance silicone elastomers from Stockwell Elastomerics are currently being used by the industry for environmental sealing, thermal management and EMI shielding.

Stockwell Elastomerics supplies materials that help designers meet IP water seal ratings as well as UL 94 flame ratings. Electrically conductive silicone products for EMI shielding such as SNE-540 and SNE-556 nickel graphite silicone are in stock. These EMI materials can become a vital component to ensure operational success with respect to data transfer.

Technical data about materials for EMI gaskets and silicone gaskets is available via these links:

For more information or request a prototype, please contact Stockwell Elastomerics at 1-215-335-3005 or email to make an inquiry.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Facility Expansion Begins to Increase Material Storage and Production Capacity

Today we broke ground on an additional facility that will increase our capacity to store more of the "core" materials required to support our production and rapid response service model. These materials include silicone foam, closed cell silicone sponge, solid silicone sheets and PORON® microcellular urethane foam.

Stockwell Elastomerics new building groundbreaking

From left to right: Bob Walsh, Plant Manager, Chris Moore, Material Handler, Jay Hough, Process and Production Engineer, Bill Stockwell (holding shovel), President, Sandy Ratcliffe, Controller and Treasurer, Jeff Groner, Material Handler, Jennifer Nunez, Shipper, Keith Bossert, Fabrication Production Manager.

Over the past few years we experienced situations where we were running out of room. Production was competing for space against floor space allotted for raw material storage. The expansion will allow for more efficient storage and contribute to increasing production floor space. Furthermore, the new building is being designed to include a second floor mezzanine for additional offices, work areas and meeting rooms.

We were fortunate to be able to purchase some adjacent land from a neighboring business. This allows us to remain in our same location and add the additional building. Since we are located in Philadelphia, there were plenty of regulatory matters to resolve prior to breaking ground. We look forward to getting into the new facility and increasing inventory levels to "fill the wagon" and to support the needs of our customers. We anticipate moving in to this new building by the end of March 2018.


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Monday, July 31, 2017

Electrically Conductive Gap Filling Foam for Low Volume Production

Condux Plus Electrically Conductive Gap Filling Foam Kiss Cut Gaskets with Adhesive Backing

Electrically conductive foams such as Condux Plus™ from Rogers Corporation can be used to solve design challenges in electronic assemblies and are used by engineers to solve tough electrical shielding and grounding issues. Previously, due to high minimum quantities, these useful materials tended to be unavailable unless production builds were in the millions.

In response to this issue, Stockwell Elastomerics now stocks soft, .020' thick, electrically conductive Condux Plus™ material. Condux Plus™ can now be provided in cut to size fabricated gaskets and pads with low production quantities and quick-turn deliveries, this allows for a new electrically conductive material solution for designers and engineers with North American based industrial, medical, lighting, and handheld electronics markets.

Condux Plus™ is a conformable, gap filling microcellular urethane with excellent rebound, cushioning and compression set resistance. This material exhibits XYZ conductivity and over 50 decibels of shielding between the 300MHz and 10GHz range. Condux Plus™ can be compressed over 50% with minimal force. These qualities make the material useful where assembly tolerances, vibrations, thermal expansion, and shock can make shielding and grounding a nightmare.

Stockwell Elastomerics can supply this electrically conductive gap filling foam, kiss cut, with an electrically conductive acrylic adhesive backing, making it easy to handle and potentially less expensive than mechanical fastening methods used for metal alternates. Contact Stockwell Elastomerics with a design challenge and a team of applications and manufacturing engineers will work to develop a solution tailored to the application.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Silicone Gaskets and Cushioning Pads for Medical Applications

Stockwell Elastomerics serves the medical diagnostics devices industry, producing silicone gaskets and cushioning pads that meet the mechanical and other application requirements.

Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures gaskets and components for medical device applications that are non-implant and in an area of the device where there is no exchange of blood or bodily fluids using medical grade silicone rubber. Please view Stockwell Elastomerics' Support for the Medical Device Industry statement regarding fabricated and molded gaskets and related articles used in medical equipment.

Offerings for the medical device industry include:

Check out the web pages Medical Diagnostics Devices Applications for Silicone Gaskets and Cushioning Pads and Medical Grade Silicone Rubber and for more detailed information about these medical gasket and pad offerings. Please contact Stockwell Elastomerics at 1-800-523-0123 or email to make an inquiry.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Gaskets and Seals for Electric Vehicles Charging Systems

Stockwell Elastomerics serves the electric vehicles (EVs) industry, producing gaskets and sealing solutions that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. EVs include consumer vehicles along with fleet vehicles like tow tugs at airports, terminal tractors and terminal trucks that move marine shipping containers and warehouse forklifts. Charging stations and battery management systems are often located outdoors with exposure to rain, snow and ice; indoor charging stations usually need to be protected against dust.

In particular, the UL 2202 standard titled "Standard for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System Equipment" is a leading standard for EV charging systems. Stockwell Elastomerics often uses the following materials for electric vehicle charging stations sealing solutions:
Check out the web page Gaskets and Sealing Solutions for EV Charging Stations for more detailed information about these gasket and sealing offerings. Please contact Stockwell Elastomerics at 1-800-523-0123 or email to make an inquiry.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Solar Inverter Enclosure Gaskets and New Touch Brochure Available

Stockwell Elastomerics is now a leading manufacturer of enclosure gaskets for solar inverters and has a new website page highlighting its capabilities in this relatively new renewable energy industry application.

To support these efforts for this industry, Stockwell Elastomerics recently teamed up with Rogers Corporation to create a comprehensive touch brochure with physical samples of 10 high performance gasket materials for solar inverter enclosures. This tactile brochure is available at no charge - request one now.

The types of solar inverter enclosure gaskets offered include:
  • Micro inverter gaskets
  • String inverter gaskets
  • Central inverter gaskets
Silicone materials are most often the best choice of materials for solar inverter enclosure gaskets. Offering include:
This press release titled Samples of Gasket Materials for Solar Inverters and Enclosures for Energy Monitoring are Now Available on a Touch Brochure from Stockwell Elastomerics announces its availability.

For more information on enclosure gaskets for solar inverters, please contact Stockwell Elastomerics at 1-800-523-0123 or email Request a complimentary Solar Inverter Gasket Materials Touch Brochure for material samples.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

How to Remove Liner from Foam Gasket

Stockwell Elastomerics manufactures custom gaskets from a variety of high performance rubber materials; the majority of fabricated parts are provided with an adhesive backing. The adhesive backing on gaskets provides several benefits - one key benefit is the aiding in assembly and increased throughput.

Smaller gaskets or pads can be kiss-cut on a roll as shown below - this allows assemblers to peel the part off of the liner and quickly install without fussing with the liner. Certain parts are unable to be kiss-cut for various reasons; in these cases they are individually cut, requiring the assembler to remove the liner from each gasket. Certain cutting processes can make it difficult to remove the liner from the gasket. To address this, Stockwell Elastomerics offers easy release secondary liners. Stockwell Elastomerics' easy release liners greatly improve assembly throughput and assembler frustration. In some cases parts can be damaged from assemblers trying to pick the liner off. Stockwell Elastomerics proactively uses these easy release liners to help ensure customer satisfaction.

Below is a video that illustrates the advantage of using Stockwell Elastomerics' easy release liners. The video also demonstrates how to remove pressure sensitive adhesive liners from soft foam materials.

For more information about easy peeling liners for foam gaskets, silicone foam gaskets with adhesive or PORON foam with adhesive, please contact Stockwell Elastomerics at 1-800-523-0123 or by email at

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